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How The Blackberry Bold 9900 And Its New OS Shapes Up Against Windows 7

Press release   •   Jun 12, 2011 15:18 BST

We have recently seen the announcement of new operating systems from several big names in the mobile phone industry. The most publicised of these has been Apples announcement of the 5th version of the iPhone operating system however two intriguing new platforms have slipped under the radar. Windows 7 are rolling out an update to their relatively new platform. This "Mango" version of the OS offers some improved features over the original platform. Blackberry have also introduce the latest platform in the form of Blackberry OS 7.0. The first model to be rolled out incorporating this will be the Bold 9900 but how do the features measure up against Microsoft's Mango system.

From the two systems the Blackberry seems to offer the more comprehensive multi tasking experience. The features have been revamped to such an extent here that the platform really does rival Android in terms of user experience. Visually the user interface does not differ greatly from previous versions but in terms of functionality it is much easier to navigate around. An area that has seen perhaps the biggest improvement is the browser which has long been the downside of Blackberry phones. This updated version now features tabbed browsing enabling multiple web pages to be open at the same time. A new voice search facility works well whilst the whole web browsing experience is faster than ever. One thing this system and Mango do have in common is a lack of Flash support which is disappointing. Web connectivity on the Windows platform is spread much more evenly across all areas of the phone and not just the browser. The series of tiles that make up the homescreen have been improved so they can show you more information than ever before. A great example of this is the "People" tile which is integrated with your social networking accounts and constantly displays the most recent updates from your friends. This level of information on the home screen saves you having to physically log into your accounts to stay updated.

The Blackberry Bold 9900and the new operating system benefit from the new Liquid Graphics system to make all manner of material look more vivid and react faster than ever before. This system is a form of graphical processor acceleration support and it ensures that images render faster than ever before. It also improves responsiveness from the touch panel screen which adds to the user friendliness of this model. Even with this boost the platform cannot quite match up to Windows for stunning visuals and the Microsoft phone arguably offers the best looking interface of all the systems available including Apple on Android. Windows 7 Mango will be available us an update for everyone who owns a handset running on this platform whilst unfortunately Blackberry lovers will need to invest in a new phone such as the Bold 9900 in order to take advantage of the changes.

Both of these system updates improve upon what were already good operating systems. Blackberry has the fan base and will inevitably prove a huge success whilst the changes on the Windows system will further enhance this newcomers appeal.

The Blackberry Bold 9900 and the Blackberry Playbook are coming soon.

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