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How The HTC Sensation Squares Up Against Blackberrys Torch Handset

Press release   •   Jun 15, 2011 11:05 BST

Over the years Blackberry have established a reputation for producing functional phones and in doing so have sometimes not concentrated as much on the styling of the handsets as perhaps they should have done. Their candy bar designs are unmistakable thanks to the fascia being split into two halves with a screen and a keypad but the designs are also unremarkable. The Blackberry Torch is a different animal all together however with a touchscreen that dominates the phones front panel and an angular design that looks ultra modern. It is the best looking phone that the brand has ever released however looks are not everything. How does the Torch measure up against one of the really big names in the current market place, the HTC Sensation?

The HTC Sensation does not stray to far from the design of other handsets from the brand such as the Desire S and the Wildfire S. It is pleasing on the eye without ever being groundbreaking. Yes it is slightly more angular than other models and it is extremely thin but the layout is never going to win any awards for innovation. The Blackberry Torch however is a different matter altogether. This phone could not be any more different from its sister models. There is a lack of visible physical keys but the buttons have not been dispensed with entirely as they are now hidden on a slider mechanism behind the screen. There is over 1 inch of difference in screen size between the two handsets with the HTC Sensation taking all the glory in this department thanks to a 4.3 inch display that really does take some beating. The screen uses the very latest S-LCD display combined with a high resolution of 540 x 960 to give an unrivaled picture clarity. A smaller 3.2 inch screen is fitted on the Torch with a 360 x 480 resolution. At around 188 dots per inch the image quality is good but not in the same league as the HTC.

The 1.2Ghz dual core processor in the HTC Sensationtotally eclipses the single core 624Mhz that the Blackberry Torch can offer. Despite sounding particularly lightweight the developers of the Blackberry have done a great job in optimising this chip so it really does behave like a much faster chip but not at the same lightning speed of the Sensation. An area where the Torch does take some beating is when it comes to storage capacity. With 4GB of internal space together and the ability to add a further 32GB thanks to a microSD card slot the Blackberry is well equipped to handle a multitude of multimedia files. HTC offer the same external card support but with only a quarter of the on board capacity at just 1GB.

Whilst the Blackberry Torch is a great looking phone that works superbly well it simply cannot match up to a handset with the specification of the Sensation. Having said that however if Blackberry use this phone as a template for future models then we can look forward to something really special very soon.

The HTC Sensation and the Blackberry Torch are available now.

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