How to avoid a "Facebook back", straighten up!

Press Release   •   Feb 11, 2013 07:04 GMT

As social media has become a mainstream activity, there has been much discussion about how it affects our psychological health. The opinions are diverge, but the fact that there is a growing use of social medias is evident and well recognised. The Australian outlines in the article Facebook attracts 700m members worldwide that Facebook Australia Chief Paul Borrud, publicly announced that Australians spend more time on Facebook than any other country. The Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed by the end of last year that the number of internet subscribers in Australia has increased by a sizable 11% (representing the annual growth) to 11.6 million.

These trends calls for awareness of the consequences, especially in regards to our physical health and well-being. As the amount of our time spent using computers or smartphones is increasing, foremost strains on our backs and necks are increasing as well. It affects the way we sit, how our muscles work and furthermore, our breathing.

Nowadays, the ”Facebook-back” is a striking concept describing the hunched-over, often unconscious, position we tend to assume when surfing the net at the computer or on our smartphones. Swedish Posture is a simple prompter, reminding you to sit up straight – If you do not pay attention to your posture it may strike back on you and lead to several discomforts and health issues in the long run.

”In a society full of “desk-necks”, Swedish Posture is the natural tool to use for posture correction. The connective tissue of the body is adaptive and will become more elastic after regular usage of Swedish Posture. Swedish Posture enhances the opportunities to improve the alignment of head, thoracic spine and pelvis in sitting as well as standing positions. As a result, discomforts may be decreased or may even be completely avoided.”

- Oskar In de Betou, leg. Naprapath, Naprapatlabbet,, Sweden

Remember to straighten up!