How to find a Good VoIP provider?

Press Release   •   Jan 16, 2017 11:30 GMT

Here are six simple points to follow that might help you make the right choice when find a VoIP provider:

1.Are they working with established, known and reputable VoIP services companies?

You may have done some research already and while there are lots of companies that offer VoIP services, some are more established and some you’ll recognise as trusted names. Your supplier should be working with these companies.

2.Do they offer a choice of suppliers and services?

Don’t let anyone tell you that all VoIP services are the same – they are not by any means. There are significant differences in terms of the kind of technology being used, the range of features and options available and how services are charged. Make sure you understand the options.

3.What sort of reputation and track record do they have?

You’ll want to work with a supplier you can trust; one that’s reliable and has some kind of track record. They should be working with partners and suppliers that are known and proven in the sector and have tangible knowledge, capabilities and experience in business VoIP. They should have some kind of track record of successful service delivery. If they are a growing business and have a growing customer base, that’s a good sign.

4.What do their customers say about them?

It’s important to know that existing customers are content with the advice and service delivery that the supplier has provided on VoIP services. They may have case studies you can look at and ought to be able to provide some customer references

5.Can they talk you through the options?

Any credible VoIP supplier should be able to talk to you in some detail about the technology and the options that are available to you – and what those different options will mean in terms of benefits to your business and relative cost.

6.Do they listen and are they prepared to offer you the kind of service you need?

Like any good supplier of technology solutions, they should be prepared to listen to you, get a good understanding of your business needs and make sensible recommendations based on your input. They should be able to offer you the right kind of service for your business.

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