How To Get Many Likes On Instagram? Zengram has the answer!

Press Release   •   Jan 12, 2016 18:12 GMT

With the past decade, social media has transformed from a tool for keeping in touch to a medium for delivering all kinds of information throughout the globe. Businesses and the like have been making an increasing use of this in order to broaden their reach and customer reach, and with all that, it is no surprise that services such as Zengram have come up to optimize and increase the reach of an individuals’ or businesses’ Instagram,profile.

Social media began with the likes of MySpace and Orkut, which were generally used for communicating with one other. As these got old, the likes of Facebook and Twitter took over; changing the way social media was used forever. Today, social media has become an utmost necessity. Instagram, is now amongst the newer players on the block, which has taken the social media circles by storm within a few years.

Instagram, is a photo-sharing service dedicated to mobile and tablet devices. Users can click and upload photos to their accounts, which their ‘followers’ can view, like and comment on. This has changed from a personal photo sharing tool to something that can be used to spread one’s reach and voice to people all over the globe- a mechanism that businesses and individuals can use to interact with their audience.This has made how to get more followers on Instagram, the biggest question in everyone’s mind- which is where social media management comes up.

Social media management is turning into a complex web of processes as it becomes increasingly intricate as time passes, which brings in the need for professionals to look after the same. This is where Zengram comes in, as a tool for helping clients manage their Instagram, accounts and to make the best of what all the app has to offer.

The benefit of Zengram is quite simple- it takes over the responsibility of getting in likes, comments and follows from the user over itself. This means that a user has to only focus on putting his or her content on to Instagram,-its reach, interaction and effect on the public will all be the responsibility of Zengram. In order to better help potential customers with the same, Zengram has also been offering a trial period of 3 days.

Unlike other services which only focus on the numbers, Zengram is geared towards providing its clients with genuine likes and interactions- allowing them to choose the city or geographical reason where the followers should be from. This ensures that businesses are interacting only with the genuine target audience and potential customers.

Setting up a project with Zengram is easy- all that it requires is to select the city and the required actions such as likes or followings, and then begin the project. It works on a server, which means that after a one-time setup of Zengram, it will continue to work on its own without any requirement to be run on a browser or anywhere else.

Popularity on Instagram and making the best of what it is meant for is the motto by which Zengram works- and it sure seems to be the right way to go!

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