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HTC Desire HD Available with Free Gift Deals

Press Release   •   Oct 04, 2010 14:03 BST

The HTC Desire range has recently expanded with the introduction of three new models, joining the original graphite and black edition is the new HTC Desire White as well as the new Desire HD and Z models.

The HTC Desire HD manages to further improve on the original handsets features and hardware as well as offering an even bigger touch screen, released just last week on Vodafone deals the HTC Desire HD has now been given a range of deals that include free gifts which start from just £35 line rental per month.

The free gifts include the new PS3 Move, a Logitech webacm and Skullcandy earphones which are all available with a free HTC Desire HD.

Giving the new Samsung Galaxy S a run for its money, the Desire HD packs in a similar processor with a slightly larger screen at 4.2 inches, currently available in black it is widely expected that there will also be colour variants launched including a white HTC Desire HD over the coming weeks.

The new Desire HD packs a massive display into its chassis, but is the handset more than just the original Desire handset with increased dimensions.

Following on from the huge success that the HTC Evo enjoyed in the US, the new Desire HD boasts the same 4.3" screen that made this model so hugely popular. The impressive screen shows a great quality WVGA resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Boasting a display of this size has some obvious advantages for the user. Firstly the screen supports multi touch technology, meaning to zoom in on text you can use the yet to be bettered pinch and zoom method.

You could be forgiven for thinking that with a screen of this size, you would lose quality on the text, but the image retains great clarity. Also the phone incorporates a great text reflow option which automatically resizes your text to fit the display, and thanks to the ultra quick processor this is done instantly.

The size also has obvious advantages when it comes to using the handset as a satellite navigation system. HTC have recognised this point and allowed you to pre cache maps onto the devices of famous cities around the world. There is even a helicopter view option for you to view your forthcoming journey so you can pre plan in advance. Media playback is another area where the handset excels, with photographs looking great and video footage really coming into its own.

The HTC Desire HD utilises the same Qualcom 1Ghz processor that was used in the original Desire model. Given that this is one of the most impressive chips currently available, this is a wise move on the part of the manufacturers.

The phone really works well, with no evident lag on the loading of applications and everything operating at a very quick pace. A n impressive 768MB of RAm is also installed on the device. The phone incorporates a great quality 8 mega pixel still camera, slightly higher specification than is found on some rival models.

The snapper benefits from a dual LED flash which make photography in dark conditions a much easier task with much more satisfying results. Video footage is shot in 720P resolution, the result being crystal clear high definition that looks superb on the screen or when transferred to another device such as a television.

There is no doubt that the HTC Desire HD will be a huge success upon its release. The reputation the brand has established with previous models is an obvious factor, but the addition of the large screen without increasing the overall chassis size to much is a major attraction to prospective customers.

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