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HTC Desire HD Gets Vodafone Deals

Press Release   •   Sep 25, 2010 15:27 BST

The new HTC Desire HD now had a range of Vodafone contract deals added to its release, following on from the huge and continuing success of the HTC Desire the HD further improves on the orignal phones features and spec sheet.

Building on the success of the Desire, HTC have gone a step further with the all new HTC Desire HD. It was released this week and boasts some very impressive specs which will have you itching to have one.

The HTC Desire HD has an absolutely gorgeous 4.3 inch screen which is supported by capacitive touch technology and a selection of sensors for UI rotation and power saving.

This new smartphone powerhouse has a few extra millimetres on its predecessor, but there have to be to accommodate the humungous 4.3 inch display. The screen utilises a 480 x 800 (WVGA) pixel resolution to display over 16M colours, this means beautiful on-screen imagery. The new phone is very attractive; the jet black casing and sleek glass facia give the design a modernized effect while the screen gives the intuitive UI a shiny finish.

The HTC Sense user interface a basic concept which can be customized to the highest degree it integrates your Facebook and Twitter contacts into your phonebook while streaming information from your social networks into one convenient application; FriendStream can be used as one of seven individual home screens which can be swiped through, or you can simply pinch the screen to see all seven. The interface also features a cool online aspect which makes it almost impossible to lose your phone.

A very spunky 1GHz Qualcomm 8250 SnapDragon processor is the engine while the Android 2.2 (Froyo) is the driver of this awesome machine. The Google based platform pulls its weight with some dedicated applications scattered throughout the phones interface; Google Maps for navigation, Gmail for e-mail and Gtalk supplies its IM capabilities. The Desire HD is compatible with all kinds of POP e-mail and Exchange Mail for business users.

Turbo speed web connections are performed by the Desire HD's 2G, 3G network coverage and Wi Fi technology. The browser allows you to save bookmarks and you can utilise the pinch and zoom functionality to zoom in on images and text which automatically re-size and re-flow so you always get a clear screen. The browser also has an Adobe Flash feature which allows you to view flash media.

The 8MP camera is capable of spectacular 720p HD imagery and it can shoot pretty nice stills too; it is accompanied by LED flash, auto focus, Face detection and EDOF. You can share pictures and videos online with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter all being compatible. There is a microSD slot for memory expansions up to 32GB and a 3.5mm jack for headphones.

The multimedia player can handle multiple video and audio files; the screen does the HD videos real justice while the Dolby SRS virtual surround sound system provides a touch of quality to the listening experience. Access to the Android market lets users completely customize there own Desire HD experience with additional apps, themes and wallpapers.

The HTC Desire HD is a very hot handset indeed; it looks amazing, functions perfectly and it already has a huge reputation and it's only just been released. This is HTC's iPhone beater; the device handles HD video very well while there are tons of online aspects to keep the user busy. The touch screen is very receptive and the phones access to such a huge collection of apps rivals that of the iPhone 4.

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