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HTC Launch The New Incredible S On UK Networks

Press Release   •   Feb 26, 2011 12:25 GMT

Having firmly established themselves as a leading smartphone manufacturer over the last couple of years, HTC are looking to strengthen that position with a new "S" range of mobile handsets. the highlight of this range is the new Incredible S, a phones that scores top marks for both styling as well as features.

When looking at previous models such as the Wildfire or the Desire, it is evident that the brand have always tried to make their models look appealing by adding various colour tones to the design. With this new model however, the designers have made a u turn and finished the phone completely in black, and it does make a refreshing change from the metallic look found on the majority of other models. The rear panel also takes on a slightly industrial look thanks to it being geometrically irregular. The Incredible S is certainly one of the most eye catching designs to dates, however looks do not tell the whole story, in order to be a popular handset, the specification needs to match the style, which it thankfully does on this model. Starting with the screen, which at 480 x 800 resolution offers a good quality of image on the 4 inch display, which is a size that seems tailor made for a modern smartphone, with many reports on larger models such as the HTC Desire HD being that they feel a fraction on the large size. Battery life has also received a welcome boost by virtue of a high capacity 450mAh cell being fitted on this phone. Typically, this should offer users just over 6 hours of talktime and a massive 15 days in standby.

If you are looking to access the internet on your mobile, then the HTC Incredible S is the perfect handset for you thanks to its extensive connectivity options. Where access to a WiFi network is available, the phone can connect via its Wireless LAN facilities to give the ultimate in online browsing. This is also perfect for both downloading and uploading of material. obviously a large amount of the time this phone will be used whilst you are on the move, thus the in built 3G connectivity offers a superb mobile web browsing service, with extremely fast rates of data exchange. The Incredible S is an extremely fast phone thanks to a 1Ghz single core processor that easily handles all tasks asked of it, along with ample 768MB of RAM. This speed is the perfect accompaniment to the Android 2.2 OS, with HTC confirming that upgrades will be made available for 2.3. The Incredible S maintains HTCs trend for producing smart phones oozing with great specification, but this one throws some lovely design touches into the equation, with the result being a perfect phone package.

The HTC Incredible S and the Motorola Defy are available now.

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