HTC Sensation - A Larger than Life Phone With Innovative Features

Press release   •   Jun 21, 2011 10:14 BST

When it comes to looks, the Sensation is pretty slick looking. Its 4.3 inch capacitive touchscreen dominates the device with crisp, bright detail. Its plastic casing is available in black, grey, and purple. It manages to feel more than just well put together—the plastic itself feels like it's of great quality. Combine this with its reassuringly weighty aluminum backing and you have a solidly built phone. Like many smartphones, it's all flat, smooth planes and rounded corners. Its only real design flaw is that it weighs a whopping 148g.

Combining HTC Sense with Android 2.3 was definitely a smart decision. While we found that navigation was almost a bit too quick with less of the user friendly smoothness of other phones, it wasn't so fast as to be impossible to use. Having Android also means you'll have immediate access to Android Market as well as a plethora of Google related fun, such as Gmail, Google Talk, Google Maps, and more.

Another definite plus point is just how customisable this phone is. You get more than just a series of homescreens to play with—you get entire batches of homescreens, wallpapers, and widgets that you can arrange and rearrange according to your slightest whim. You can also arrange a special lock screen to display your most used icons and favourite wallpaper when needed.

Its camera is also pretty robust, with eight megapixels, a decent flash, autofocus, and more. With its speedy shutter and additional VGA camera for video calls, you're guaranteed top notch pictures and videos. The HTC Sensation is a great (even better) alternative for the iPhone, and if you want to save money, grab the best iPhone deals on the Internet by just browsing trusted deal websites.

We also liked its music related goodies. While there's nothing revolutionary, you do get a 3.5 mm headphone jack, a music player, and decent sound quality, which is enough for most music lovers to enjoy their favourite tunes.

We liked its internet connectivity as well. Featuring 3G, Bluetooth, wi-fi, HSPA, EDGE, GPRS, and more, you can guarantee a reliable connection. Its quadband technology also ensures you can use the phone wherever you like. Its responsive screen makes tapping out emails and texts simple, and you can add a variety of social networking widgets to keep up with Twitter or Facebook. Our only real lament is that some widgets are a bit fiddly in that they can take some time to update.

We found the Sensation can make it for about two days without needing to be charged. Considering its gigantic screen, wi-fi, and other features that are notorious for sapping energy, this is pretty decent. You can stretch your battery life by disabling wi-fi or certain widgets that you're not using.


The HTC Sensation may not be the best phone on the market, but it comes pretty close. Users may frown at its slightly too hasty interface and weighty body, but when you consider its amazingly vivid screen, sharp and speedy camera, and other features, these flaws are easy to overlook. All in all, definitely worth a second glance.

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