HTC Tattoo Vs T-Mobile Pulse

Press Release   •   Dec 11, 2009 17:47 GMT

The Android mobile Operating System from Google created a plunge by most of the big brands of mobile phones. A series of Android based smart phones hit the market, but these were positioned in high-end expensive category. However, both HTC Tattoo and T-Mobile Pulse have taken the other course. These models are positioned for mass marketing taking low price as selling feature.

The appearance: Generally speaking, both the models look attractive, although plastic is used for casing. T-Mobile Pulse features gleaming black casing with lighter shade to the edges. Additionally pleasing faux-carbon fibre effect has been punched. The power key and microSD card slot are placed on left side of the body. Right side has keys for camera and volume control. The front features a double acting home and back key that works for ‘back’ with a short press and a long press returns to ‘home’.

Tattoo is also shrouded in plastic cover. Additionally covers will be available with options of designs through Under the screen all the keys for home, menu, search, call and back are located.

The display: T-Mobile Pulse is fitted with HVGA screen of 3.5 inch size. Apparently offering a bigger look, it is quite touch sensitive and provides clear images. Whereas, Tattoo sports QVGA screen of 2.8 inch size and it is resistive type hence multi touch feature is missing and needing more time for clear browsing.

Photographic features: Pulse houses 3.2 MP Autofocus camera in addition to a VGA camera. The set has weak resolution for video capturing at 288 x 352. On the comparative scale The Tattoo is fitted with 3.1 MP Autofocus primary camera. The representation of images is certainly attractive on its resistive touch screen.

In conclusion, both the handsets provide a value for entry level use and offer a reasonably good feeling of possessing a smartphone. However, young users may be more attracted to the option of choosing Tattoo’s designer covers as a fascination for variety.

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