HTC Windows Phone 8X: More than a Smartphone

Press Release   •   Feb 01, 2013 17:03 GMT

HTC Windows Phone 8X is another big screen cell phone in the market but is it really just another phone? Certainly not as it comes from the brand HTC and packs amazing features that makes it look, feel and function different from its counterparts. First take its look. It is really big with 4.3 inch display. Its big screen would certainly meet the demand of big cell phone users.

Users like large screen phones because expansive screens provide wonderful web browsing experience. Also enlarged screens provide a better view of the Internet videos. Expanded display is also useful in reading books, newspapers and other Internet content as you don’t need to squint. Demand for big display cell phones has increased considerably and the manufacturers are trying to give more than just big screens to attract the users.

HTC 8X is certainly not the leader in the big screen phones but it can be called a trend setter. It has raised the bars for others and this is evident from the range of ultra-modern features it offers. First astonishing feature HTC 8X offers is multiple frequency bands that allow it to connect to LTE and HSPA+ networks. It packs Snapdragon chipset and is powered by dual-core CPU. 

HTC Windows Phone 8X is a simple device that can perform complex functions. Whether it is high speed web browsing or taking pictures of distant objects, the new HTC 8X is just perfect for everything. The 8 MP camera, it packs, is supported by autofocus and LED flash. A convenient video/photo editor is also provided by the manufacturer. The editor would help you set the picture in a frame and connect two similar pictures to convey a message.

Saying that HTC 8X is a big phone would be injustice to this cell phone. It is a convenient big phone would be a justified definition of the new HTC Windows phone. The phone is convenient as it allows quick and easy access to the menu through clearly visible icons on the home screen. If you are not a HTC user then you would certainly like to become a user for this manufacturer. If you are already using a HTC phone then it’s time to upgrade the phone. HTC has once again proved its presence with its 8X phone.

Since users want to use their cell phones as pocket PCs, demand for big screen phones is expected to increase in future. But, the HTC Windows Phone 8X is going to change the taste of the users. This light weight packs heaviest technology and the good thing is that it is not a delicate device that you need to handle with much care. The large display is protected with corning Gorilla Glass 2 and so are the other parts.

HTC Windows Phone 8X could be your next phone or a camera phone or an Internet phone or multimedia phone. It is a feature rich cell phone and it is capable of giving you full satisfaction. Use it to believe it.

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