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HTCs Sensation And Evo 3D Do Battle

Press release   •   Jun 09, 2011 15:13 BST

If one criticism can be aimed at HTCs recent range of mobile phone then it would be that the brand seem to play it safe by focusing on middle to top end phones without ever producing a true heavyweight model. This is evident from some of their recent releases which have included the Desire S and the Wildfire S, both great phones but ones that tread no new ground in terms of specification. Over the past month however we have seen two handsets which totally turn this theory on its head. The Sensation and the Evo 3D are both undoubtedly top end phones with the first model being the firms showpiece model whilst the Evo 3D is the first model to offer 3D facilities.

There is nothing to choose in terms of overall size of the phones with the height and width measurements being identical and the Evo 3D measuring just 1mm thicker. This tiny bit of extra bulk can be forgiven as the chassis does have to house a wealth of 3D hardware that is not needed on the Sensation. These extra elements also contribute to the extra 22 grammes of weight on this phone but at 170 grammes in total it is hardly a strain on your wrist. As you would expect from an HTC handset the Sensation follows the same styling that has become familiar on a number of their other phones. This means the phone looks very much like its sister handsets with neatly curved corners and an almost pebble shaped back panel that is very pleasing on the eye. With the Evo 3D however it seems the developers have taken a different approach by adopting a more angular design which is more in line with the current handsets from Motorola and Samsung. Both of these phones are pleasing on the eye despite their different designs and it is difficult to say which of the two is the more appealing.

Both of these models sport a high quality 4.3 inch display capable of displaying an image of 540 x 960 pixels. As you may imagine however the HTC Evo 3Dis the unit that people are drawn to thanks to its excellent 3D capabilities. The handset comes loaded with various applications that enable you to view such content straight out of the box and it is this extra element that gives the phone the edge over the Sensation. It is a shame because against just about any other phone the Sensation would win hands down but it just cannot match up to this impressive new dimension on the Evo 3D. The Sensation however does make some ground up when it comes to the camera facility. Its 8 mega pixel facility does not only offer a high resolution but also a great standard of sensor and both of these factors combine to give an image that rivals the very best camera phones available. The Evo 3D is no slouch and does of course offer the facility for 3D photography but if you are after the ultimate clarity then the Sensation is the handset to have.

These two new models place HTC firmly back at the top of the smartphone tree with the Evo 3D appealing to those who want the very latest technology whilst the Sensation will stand out to those looking for the ultimate multi media model.

The HTC Evo 3D is coming soon and the HTC Sensation is available now.

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