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Huddersfield University Alumni and 1st Line Global CEO Responds to Study by the Business School

Press Release   •   Apr 12, 2018 10:31 BST

Direct sales and marketing experts CEO, Jaemes Hunt has responded to a recent study by Huddersfield University as a distinguished member of alumni. The research has focused on developing business owners, entitled Shaping Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Education and Assisting Business Start-Ups, a subject close to the core of 1st Line Global.

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The study conducted by the Huddersfield Business School has had a direct impact on national entrepreneurship. The university has now won awards focused on their city in regards to business startup and support programs for aspiring entrepreneurs. The school has recently boasted to the contribution of their local economy, providing coaching to businesses and the concept of job creation. Huddersfield University has detailed an important benefit of the study as resulting in helping to drive entrepreneurship amongst their alumni while remaining at the forefront of entrepreneurial investigation since 1999.

The study focused on the theory that aspiring entrepreneurs are better equipped for the world of business when they learn through practice, focusing on real experiences. The study explored the concept of producing more successful business owners through developing "practitioner-focused owners and managers over formal instruction.”

The research into the entrepreneurial sphere by the University has been crucial to the development of their Graduate Entrepreneurship Program, a scheme devised by the school that is open to graduates from the surrounding areas. The program offers young professionals the opportunity to receive coaching, network and finance opportunities within their chosen sector. The university is eager to continue the development of entrepreneurs that will subsequently be able to provide their own knowledge and guidance to mentees, an act that is a strong focus of 1st Line Global.

CEO Jaemes Hunt has ensured entrepreneurship remains close to the core of 1st Line Global, providing in-house development, mentorship and access to industry events in the hopes of providing hands-on experience. The firm is eager to continue the development of their young professionals, ensuring they can become futures leaders in the industry, with excellent connections and knowledge needed to do so.



Managing Director: Jaemes Hunt

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