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Hundreds Apply To Be Part Of New Romford Zombie Film

Press Release   •   Jun 21, 2013 20:57 BST

Death Walks is a new horror movie with a production value of £250,000, being achieved for free with the aid of the filmmaking, and film loving community. 

Essex based The Yellow Advertiser was quick off the ball to talk about the film in their issue dated 20th of June, and their interest has seen director Spencer Hawken flooded with requests to join in with the project. 

"When The Yellow Advertiser ran the story I thought I might get one or two contacts, but within a short period of time of the papers hitting peoples doormats the contacts came flooding in." Says Spencer. "The world simply loves zombies, when I was growing up the discussion of the zombie was almost like a dirty word. Now here we are in 2013 and I have pensioners, pregnant women, children and even someone wanting to donate there pet to be a zombie dog. I never in a million years would have expected such a response." 

Being shot in Romford, Death Walks is set in a shopping centre after hours, Some are closing up their shops, others having fallen out with vendors are up to no good, while the security staff see events as just a normal day. It's not until reports of a couple of sightings around the centre however that the security team start to get concerned, one innocent move of kindness lets a very familiar, but unexpected terror into the centre locking the outside world out. 

Spencer who wrote the project as well as acting as it's director stated "We are not bringing the public a typical zombie tale, Death Walks is very different. I'm not creating a spoof, i'm not going for familiar ground, It's dark, unexpected and from what i'm told by those I have allowed to see the script, very unexpected. It would be very easy to just create zombies that have a thirst for flesh these zombies look, act and are very different from any zombie we have seen before. The zombie movie has not moved on since 28 Days Later now it's time to move their progression wheel on a few notches."

Filming is due to begin on July 15th, with an aim to get the trailer out in time for August, and the film to begin the festival circuit from early next year.

For further information, please contact Spencer Hawken, Director, or Kim Phillips, Messages PR on 01647 277588 (email

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