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Hydration Centre launches new centre of excellence website

Press release   •   Mar 29, 2012 14:50 BST


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Truro, 1 February 2012 Fight Pain Ltd under their HYDRATIONCENTRE brand announce the launch of their new centre of excellence website.

Said marketing director of Fight Pain, Max Brown “Our new website is set to become a central reference point for all matters things connected to hydration.   We are collecting together a series of authoritative articles on the impact of hydration in all areas of our well being.

Over a period of time we will see our website becoming a centre of excellence for all things to do with hydration.  We will become the number one library for all information on such matters and we are pleased to announce that we have sponsored Just a Drop and FAPGENE.COM, two organisations for whom awareness of issues around hydration is critical.”

The new website, found at is designed to provide information on all aspects of hydration and products that support people in managing this issue which is all too often overlooked.

Max went on to say “Our website has already get the attention of charities such as Just A Drop and is set to become first port of call for those wishing to know how to maintain their hydration levels.  I am also delighted that we have just posted our first article on the links between cancer and hydration as we cannot do enough to publicise this important subject.”

Max continued “In light of the current news that processed red meats such as ham, bacon and sausages causing 3,800 premature deaths through bowel cancer per year we are delighted to publish our article on how hydration can decrease the risk of this difficult condition. With our modern diet where red meat is so prevalent we thought it was important to highlight the fact that correct hydration can see the risk of bowel cancer reduced by a massive 45% in men and 32% in women as Water UK report on their website Maintaining good hydration has never been more important and as well as providing information we are delighted to provide tools that help as well.  Tools such as the AQUApp for your iPhone (release date approx. 01/08/2012) and AH!QUA drink reminder for your wrist, as a necklace or belt clip and which are designed to prompt you about maintaining your hydration levels.”

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For additional information on The Hydration Centre, AQUApp or AH!QUA, contact: Max Brown.

AQUApp is an iPhone app that monitors water consumption and prompts the carrier to drink water according to their levels of activity and AH!QUA our wrist and belt device, available exclusively through us, provides you with audible reminders that it’s time to drink

Trevor Hudson created Fight Pain Ltd in early 2011 in response to the sad loss of his Mother.  Trevor decided that he needed to run a business that would benefit people healthwise, quickly, easily and at as little cost as possible.

Fight Pain Ltd has launched its first online offering which is designed as a centre of excellence for all things related to hydration.  Max Brown, PR and marketing Manager at Fight Pain says “We are so excited about the impact of the  We have already formed close links with the charity Just a Drop by becoming their official sponsors and are looking forward to finding better and better ways of communicating the importance of hydratrion to the public at large”.