Hydroponics Lighting Explained

Press Release   •   Sep 17, 2010 14:13 BST

Hydroponics is a term which is used to express the concept of growing plants in a soil-less medium. With the use of hydroponics grow lights we can grow plants without soil and also in the absence of natural sunlight. This technique is so very useful in horticulture for enthusiasts and for indoor gardeners. Hydroponics is a big business and in many countries as they use different hydroponics techniques like Flood and Drain, Aeroponics and Drip Irrigation for growing and producing much needed plants and seeds.

For example in the UK lots of cut fresh flowers are purchased daily by people from the street markets and from the big name supermarkets, and more than 80% of these cut flowers are grown in indoor hydroponics gardens by using the hydroponics system. Hydroponics grow lights are an important light source for the professional horticultural and green houses.

Hydroponics grow lights are the simplest and safest way of helping grow plants in any indoor hydroponic garden. There are a number of types of proper horticultural, professional grade lights are available in the market. Many of the horticultural lighting companies are manufacturing grow lights for hydroponic use across the World, and there are some who specialise in just lighting products.

You can buy different wattage hydroponics growing lights such as 250W, 400W, 600W and 1000W depending on your garden use. The best way to select the right choice for you is to speak to an expert of consult the various tutorials you can find online.

As these lights have been built mainly for the purpose of growing plants it is an ideal choice for experienced growers and even for beginners due to the remarkable results that can be achieved [by using artificial light sources with very little outlay]. Hydroponics grow lights are simple, reliable way of producing light energy for growing plants quickly and also help in producing good quality seeds and beautiful flowers.

Hydroponics systems are the most important element for indoor horticulture that the commercial growers choose, and the complete sytem will include pots or trays, lighting ballasts and quite often a water system.

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