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I Like Chickens Unveil Quality British Chicken Houses

Press Release   •   Aug 02, 2012 05:49 BST

I Like Chickens are proud to announce that their new selection of quality chicken houses are all British built.


When I Like Chickens decided to expand their range of poultry supplies and related products to include chicken houses, they knew quality was going to be their priority. To that end, all the ranges available on their site have been selected primarily for their high standard. There are many Chinese imports available on the market. Whilst they are cheap, such models are liable to fall apart very quickly. This is obviously no good for either the chickens or for their owners: the chickens will be exposed to the elements and predators; the owners will have wasted their money.


All the ranges available through I Like Chickens have been chosen because of their quality and the fact they are hand crafted in the UK. These are not mass manufactured imports: all have been built and finished with the very closest attention.


I Like Chickens was set up to provide chicken lovers with everything they might need for their birds. They cater for people looking for a house for two chickens up to 50, and can supply upon request houses for up to 300 birds.


Many domestic chicken broods are small, and I Like Chickens have the houses to suit. The Windsor Chicken House is hand crafted in the UK from Scandinavian Red Wood, and provides a warm and safe environment for 4-9 chickens. The metal, self assembly frame of the Brinsea Carefree Coop provides durable housing for between 3-6 and 6-10 hens depending on the size chosen.


For medium sized broods, there are the Cliveden and Mapledurham Chicken Houses, which can house up to 10 and 15 average sized chickens respectively. These smaller chicken houses come with an optional stand and ramp, which serve to keep the house well clear of the ground and associated threats (e.g. predators, ground water, flooding). Fully removable side panels make the house extremely easy to clean. With these features, you can ensure your birds remain safe and healthy.


I Like Chickens also stock plenty of ranges for larger broods. The Sissinghurst Chicken House and similar models are suitable for housing up to 22 hens. Full size doors make for easy access. A ventilation hatch ensures fresh air circulates throughout and onduline roof keeps water from settling, preventing leaks and making sure your chickens’ environment stays dry.


Whether you have three birds or 300, I Like Chickens can supply a suitable, high quality, British chicken house. You can find their full range online at www.ilikechickens.co.uk. Alternatively, you can call them on 0845 505 3222 or drop them an email at customer.service@ilikechickens.co.uk.


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