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Ice at weddings, just a great idea

Press Release   •   Oct 15, 2012 10:04 BST

Things don't come much cooler than an Ice Sculptures......

In the never ending quest to make weddings and parties more unforgettable, more and more people are using ice sculptures to mark their memorable day. Having an ice carving at your wedding gives a decadent, grand feel to the occasion.

The elegance and beauty of the designs makes them a talking point amongst guests and they give the married couple a theme to their wedding that will be remembered long after the ice has melted away.

You and your guests will love them and feel the need to touch the sculptures to make sure they really are made from ice.

The only problem can be the cost, considering it is only frozen water the extra cost can see a little expensive.

Not any more we have what will be an amazing low cost ice bucket (ice cooler) that is made of ICE.  The best part is that when the ice is melted and gone you can make more and more at no extra cost.

The ice cooler is a special mold that will carry on making ice buckets made of ice for years to come.  If you are an hotel, wedding planner or host weddings in your building  you could offer these to your clients as an added benefit to their big day and once you have the molds the only cost to you will be the water and a few hours in your freezer.

If you are the bride and groom you can use them during your wedding and give them away as gifts at the end of the night.  Two great solutions rolled in to one unique product.

The good news is that these are also cost effective and will not put a dent in your wedding or operational budget.

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"The ice coolers are brilliant. I run a restaurant on the South Coast and the response has been incredible. Guests are even taking photo's of them. I think the best response though has been from my bar manager who really has gone to town trying to come up with new designs and seeing that sort of enthusiasm from my team really does please me.  Many thanks for your help with this" Rob Seaman - Restaurant Manager UK