IFC experts Datacubist shows technology advancements with BIMobject concept.

Press Release   •   Apr 19, 2012 11:00 BST

Finnish software developer Datacubist, lead by IFC expert Jiri Hietanen today demonstrated a new technology advancement in their IFC software simplebim® together with Swedish object technology experts BIMobject AB.

Datacubist Oy develop simplebim® as a smart BIM editor software that is used by BIM professionals to check, evaluate and edit IFC files to shape a professional quality data exchange. simplebim® is the first bim software to integrate the cloud technology that the BIMobject portal at offers to external BIM software.

When a designer uses real BIM objects from BIMobject they contain a unique permalink (url) back to the web where the product is. After building up the BIM model  the designer or consultants export their BIM model in IFC format and send it to simplebim® for checking.

With the new BIMobject integration in simplebim® all real manufacturer specific content can be dragged and dropped from the IFC model in 3D to a viewer inside simplebim® to view all details of the actual product. This means that a huge amount of rich data, visuals, links to installation and maintenance instructions etc can be retrieved in simplebim®. It works by the fact that the url of the BIMobject is carried by the IFC file. This also open up completely new opportunities for facility managers using IFC in a smart and easy way.

This is the first step in the collaboration between Datacubist Oy and BIMobject AB and it showcases a way to carry rich product information in the IFC model files (without actually having them in the file) and using cloud and web servers to present the data in a new smarter way.

About Datacubist Oy:

Datacubist is a software company based in Finland with the mission to solve BIM exchange problems in the building industry. Datacubist develops simplebim®, a BIM editor that enables targeted, professional quality BIM exchange and easily integrates into existing BIM applications, services and processes. Software developers can create add-ons for simplebim® or use the simplebim.Developer platform for creating stand-alone BIM solutions.

BIMobject AB mission is to assist our customers, product manufacturers in the AEC field to be visible and get selected by creating high quality easy accessible objects for the BIM process.

This way generating more business to our customers in a way that can be measured.

We provide software tools, web solutions and services to assist our customers in the creation, conversion and publishing of BIM objects on the web and create a straight path to the users of any BIM software.