Press Release   •   Nov 25, 2010 10:37 GMT

IFPAC 2011 is fast approaching and this year the event will hold host to a session which is set to become a debate between opposing methods of quality control in the pharmaceutical sphere. This session provides a unique opportunity for delegates to understand the pro’s and con’s of both methods and gives a big incentive to attend the 2011 meeting.

The annual IFPAC meeting is fast gaining a reputation as a forum for industry experts to come together and discuss key topics in process analysis, quality & control. This year is no exception. Scheduled to focus around the latest developments in PAT including new and emerging techniques, applications, instrumentation, software and standards, the meeting will also look to uncover future trends in the marketplace. IFPAC 2011 is scheduled for January 17 – 21 in Baltimore, MD, USA.

At the upcoming event, Dr. Robin Brooks of PPCL will be addressing the audience on multi-variable control of batch processes without maths. This patented technology, known as Geometric Process Control (GPC), uses a novel form of geometry to provide significant benefits in the fields of PAT and QbD as well contributing to overall process optimisation. Conversely, multivariate statistical analysis is the widely-accepted alternate to GPC which uses statistical analysis to produce similar outcomes. Whilst both techniques have their inherent benefits, GPC does have the added bonus of significantly reducing the costs and time to market of a given drug.

Interestingly, the ‘Process Understanding and Control’ session in which Dr. Brooks is speaking is set to give a rare opportunity. This conference session brings together two major proponents of multivariate statistical analysis, Julian Morris and J. F. MacGregor, head to head with the alternate method described and developed by Dr. Brooks. This is a unique chance for those in the pharmaceutical sphere to understand the application and benefits of both techniques side by side. This comparative show-down may give rise to a hot debate between the two competing topics and give audience members a chance to see both methods in all their glory. Because of this, the conference will be one not to miss!

Delegate places for the IFPAC 2011 conference are still available. To secure your place you can visit http://www.ifpac.com/ and register online.

Formerly Curvaceous Software Limited, PPCL improves the business efficiency of process plants worldwide, through research, development and delivery of applications based on its unique Geometric Process Control (GPC) technology.  PPCL has won many awards and holds numerous patents centred on its award-winning GPC technology, for process improvement, control and optimisation. Please visit www.ppcl.com for more details.