iM3 SEO Now Working on a Pay for Performance Basis

Press release   •   Jun 06, 2011 15:54 BST

Unlike other forms of SEO services, pay for performance SEO is a SEO package where the client pays for the services once the website has started ranking higher in the popular search engines. This package ensures that the SEO service providers do not take money from their clients only to put little effort to generate more traffic (to the website). It is more of a fair-play sort of agreement that ensures that the SEO companies only receive payment for work done.

Pay for performance SEO differs from one company to another in terms of the way payment has to be made and based on the performance that the website has in the popular search engines. However, all the providers will ask for a down payment which is usually between 30% and 50% of the total agreed amount. The rest of the payment will be made based on the performance of the website in the long run and the amount of traffic that it generates in general.

Pay for performance SEO is sometimes referred to as guaranteed SEO owing to the fact that the clients have the guarantee that they will only be paying for results, not for services that they are not quite sure whether they will materialise into good results eventually. In the SEO world, most clients love this package while the SEO providers shy away from it just because they view it as a risky investment because they might fail to deliver the results and thus fail to get payment.

However, there are some professional firms where money is not their main agenda and are dedicated to maximum customer satisfaction. Such companies are not easy to come by and thus you should carry out an extensive research to establish which company would be the best to help you realise higher search engine rankings.

iM3 SEO, a leading UK web-marketing service provider, now offers pay for performance SEO for all new clients. With a long-standing track-record of results. They felt it was time to try and convince those who otherwise would not take on a SEO firm: "We have had many businesses turned off by the fact it takes a good few months to get any tangible results, and quite often it can be 9-12 months now to get top rankings" said Neil Manager, general manager at the Shefield branch.

He went on to add: "By increasing our monthly rate ever so slightly, and then offering a pay on results service, both parties are in a win situation. We are confident of achieving results, and the client is happy with the reduced risk factor". are one the leading established SEO companies in the UK, managing over 2,500 keywords for 40 national clients. You can contact their Sheffield or London SEO offices to speak about search engine optimisation.