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Imagine business broadband as a motorway

Press Release   •   Sep 06, 2010 14:13 BST

Kent, UK (mynewsdesk), September 06 2010 – A long, straight road that one may legally cruise at speeds of 70mph, enabling super quick journeys between here and there. In reality, of course, a motorway is typified by the M25, which as we all know experiences all day long overuse, massive congestion and peak periods where it would be quicker to walk.

What Jomble has done is to build its own motorways, and only let business customers onto it. It really is the best business broadband Kent has ever seen, or will ever see – with no extraneous traffic, Jomble’s lines are quick, and they run at comparable speed 24 hours a day. Jomble allows a maximum of 20 users onto any one network area: that’s half the quantity you’ll find on a BT system, or any other comparable competitor. Not only that, but Jomble have issued a total moratorium on domestic use of their lines – which means no morning and evening slow down times, and most importantly no millions of people all trying to illegally download films when businesses are attempting to conduct their daily custom.

Business broadband has come of age thanks to business broadband Kent provider Jomble. The delightfully named local hero has been providing a connection service that has led to its’ swift christening as the best business broadband Kent has ever seen: or, for that matter, the best in the country, full stop. Why? Because Jomble is steadfastly refusing to share its bandwidth with anyone except Jomble customers; it only provides business services; and it won’t allow domestic users within a mile of its cables.

You might well be thinking. Broadband is broadband, right? It’s quick and it’s widely available. Well, no, actually – broadband, and business broadband in particular, is often horribly slow because far too many users are being let onto individual areas of the network. In theory, broadband is superlatively fast – quick enough to download even the largest files in an eyeblink. However. With the exception of this business broadband provider Kent and its revolutionary business service, most UK provision is cluttered with multiple users and awful peak usage times.

Now the revolution has happened, when’s it going nationwide? The short answer to that is – unless everyone copies the model put forward by this business broadband provider Kent has called its own: never. Jomble’s success is all about being small. You can’t restrict your own network like that unless you have a carefully controlled customer base – and you can’t control your customer base in this way when you’re already a major national company. Jomble is succeeding because it started with a plan – bring the best business broadband Kent will ever see to the area’s businesses – and it’s sticking to it.

A larger company probably doesn’t have that kind of room in which to manoeuvre. So for now, everyone else can only look on with green eyes as the little business broadband provider Kent knocks the spots off all its competitors.

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