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iMessage On The iPhone 4 White Set To Rival Blackberry Messenger

Press release   •   Jun 12, 2011 15:16 BST

The big announcement at Apples annual developers conference this year was the arrival of the latest iPhone operating system, otherwise known as iOS5. Not only is this the potential operating system for any forthcoming release of the rumored iPhone 5 but will also be available for owners of the iPhone 4 to download. What can we expect this new operating system to offer, and how will it benefit existing users of the latest White iPhone 4?

Perhaps one of the biggest changes from the current system is the way notifications are received by the user. At present any iPhone 4 user receives a red circle besides the relevant program icon that the notification is related to. For example if you have a message waiting on your Facebook account the circle will appear besides this program on the homescreen. The problem with this is that with multiple homescreens the process requires you to scroll through these in order to view the notifications. The new system will see a new notifications centre that can be accessed by swiping downwards on the homescreen that displays everything together rather than spread across several screens. Another change in this area is that the phones lock screen will now display notifications allowing you to access them in an instant. Another change to the homescreen will be the ability to also instantly access the phones camera facility which can save you time if you really need to capture that moment. There is also the ability to also use the volume keys as a shutter button and the option to crop and resize photograph on the handset itself.

Thousand of White iPhone 4users will be eagerly awaiting the release of iOS5 to benefit from the new iMessage facility. This new application allows users to utilise the phones data connection to send unlimited free text messages. This saves the user having to eat into their monthly text allowance. The data connection is essential in order for the user to browse the internet and this task should now be much easier thanks to an update of the Safari web browser. Speed has once again been boosted and now there is full tabbed browsing and a new reader facility that enables you to view all of your favourite RSS feeds in one place. Younger web users are likely to use social networking sites so the integration of Twitter into this system is a welcomed addition. This will not only make the posting of a Tweet quick and easy but will also enable you to upload photographs directly to the site from the phones camera facility.

This evidently quite a revamp from Apple and the change is so drastic that White iPhone 4 users will feel like they have a brand new phone all over again.

The White iPhone 4 and the HTC Chacha are available now.

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