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Improved Lock Screen Available ON The Samsung Galaxy Note

Press Release   •   Nov 23, 2011 13:20 GMT

The new Samsung Galaxy Note may prove the perfect device for people wanting the portability of a mobile phone but with the large screen functionality of a tablet device. The handsets offers the largest display available on any mobile phone enabling the model to position itself nicely between the average smartphone and smaller tablets that are available. We take a look at the user interface on this new model and see how it benefits the day to day use of this phone.

The Galaxy Note comes shipped with version 2.3.5 of the Android operating system installed alongside the TouchWiz 4.0 user interface that has been developed by Samsung. In terms of operation the phone functions in an almost identical manner to the best selling Samsung Galaxy S2 although there have been one or two improvements implemented to take full advantage of the large screen. When it is in its locked mode the phone can be activated by placing your finger anywhere on the screen. Two circles will then appear and you simply have to swipe beyond the outer circle to launch the homescreen. Notifications also appear on this lock screen and you can launch directly into the relavent application which saves time. An example of this is if you have a missed call you can touch the missed call icon and swipe which will then display the call log function. This is a better method than having to manually access various functions from the homescreen. When viewing the main screen you have the option of using two very attractive wallpapers that have been especially developed for Galaxy phones. Both of these have been developed in cooperation with Accuweather and they enable the current weather conditions at your present location to be displayed on the whole screen. If its wet outside then you will see droplets of water hitting the screen or scenery blowing around in windy conditions. This is a very nice addition that adds to the overall appeal of the model.

The Samsung Galaxy Notecomes complete with its own interactive pen named the S Pen. This new addition does not require a battery but still offers some improved functions compared with similar systems that have been used on other models. The pen has a small button on the side that activates a number of useful features. If you hold the pen over any screen of the user interface and then press the button the phone will capture a screen shot from the current display and allow you to write over the top of this. This could potentially be superb for making notes on photographs or web pages. If you would rather just take some notes on a blank screen you can double tap the display to launch a notepad on which you can scribble away to your hearts content.

The interface on the Samsung Galaxy Note is visually impressive and also very functional. The new S Pen is one feature that can really change how we use the mobile phone whilst the excellent lock screen and active wallpapers enhance the appeal of this superb model.

The Samsung Galaxy Note and the Samsung Galaxy R are available now.

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