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Press Release   •   Oct 07, 2016 11:51 BST

Birthday for a child - the most important day of the year. Children wait for this holiday look, because it will bring them a lot of gifts, fun and surprises.

The corresponding interior - one of the key factors in creating a festive atmosphere. Decorate the room (apartment, house, coffee shop) or an open area in different bright attributes, you move your child from the usual environment to a fairy tale, gave him a memorable surprise and brought a lot of joy.

In fact, how to decorate the room for his birthday, influenced by the following points!

  • age of the child;
  • the gender of your offspring
  • Tastes birthday.

Keeping this point in mind plan birthday party for your child and make him / her special on his day.

Birthday decoration for Kids up to 5 years.

Girls and boys up to five years can be combined into a single category. Kids love all bright and colourful. The room can be decorated with birthday party supplies including balloons, garlands, hanging balloons and banners. Table decoration includes colourful dishes and tablecloths cover. All invited guests can wear colourful hats on the head and hand with a tongue ring back tones. It will be noisy, but fun!

All decorations you can pick up from any renowned and reputable online stores dedicated for party supplies UK. All the necessary props presented in sections birthday party supplies are Cake, Clown, Balloons, Smile Sweets, stars and many more. Children will be delighted by the attributes of the image of your favourite cartoon characters: Mickey Mouse and his friends, dinosaur, Winnie the Pooh and his friends.

The festive interior for girls 6-9 years.

For girl birthday decoration who is coming up to primary school age, there are incredible party supplies UK.

However, every little female wants to feel like a princess. Therefore, it would be nice to create a palace with many flowers, antiques and, of course, the servants. Put a magnificent dress and tiara on her daughter, and no doubt the royal origin of Her Highness.

Very popular party supplies UK for a girl's birthday decorations are Hello Kitty and equally fantastic characters than Princesses, Fairies.

Decoration for birthday boys 6-10 years old.

With six children begin to acquire his masculine hobbies - cars and sports. Your son will appreciate the interior in the sporty style, because to be a real racer is a great honour among friends. But if your tomboy dreams to conquer the vastness of the sky, you can decorate a birthday air-plane. The boys adore characters such as Angry Bird-sand Sponge Bob.

Birthday Decoration girls 10-14 years.

To please his daughter is difficult, but possible. Theme Monster High - a sure-fire option, because who does not want to be a student of the School of Monsters. The most popular children's characters of the animated series will be thrilled as the birthday girl and her peers. Alternatively, you can select a topic Rock Star, especially if a girl dreams of a career in music and loves to sing. Nothing prevents you to make a karaoke party!

Birthday decoration for children up-to 10-14 years old.

Every kid wants to feel like a real hero. One of the favourite characters of children is the Spider man. Birthday in the scenery of the hero comics allow a child to experience the atmosphere of danger and adventure. If your son is interested in football, birthday in the sports category and appreciate it, and his team.

Wow Party Supplies is a pioneer party supplies store, UK, who will be equally interesting to both boys and girls. Wow Party Supplies offers a hurry and demanding kid’s parent, a beautiful and festive birthday party supplies and snacks for boys and girls. And all the best objects birthday party supplies include balloons, garlands, confetti, lanterns, candles, invitation cards, helium, cake decorations, gifts small fishing line or goody bags!

Have a nice holiday and children's happy smiles!