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Indic8or lights hit the UK cycling press

Press Release   •   Feb 13, 2013 11:24 GMT

Indic8or lights hit the UK cycling press.

Following our successful launch and a great weekend at The NEC Cycle Show, our lights have started to hit the UK cycling press.

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Singletrack take a 1st look at the lights ready for winter commuting.

“One for the commuters here – the Indic8or does what the name suggests, attaching to your arm with an elasticated strap and switching on four bright LEDS when you stick your hand out to erm, indicate. We strapped it to Patrick and tried our best to fool it, but it does a remarkably good job of going on and off when required. It’s designed to be splash proof and runs on a pair of AAA batteries…” - Singletrack Magazine.

UK Cycle Sport take a 1st look at the lights ideal for commuting around the city!

With the skies darkening all to quickly at this time of year Indic8or offer extra visibilty when signalling at turns.

[img alt="" src="">Made up from four Ultra-Bright amber LED’s which flash automatically, similar to a car indicator, once your arm is raised.