Indonesia polishes market: 42% growth witnessed in 2012

Press Release   •   Jul 18, 2013 14:31 BST

Sara Lee Household Indonesia leads the Indonesia polishes market due to its dominance in shoe polish. It leads shoe polish through the Kiwi brand and is ranked second in furniture polish with 999 and showed strong value growth in 2012.

Metal polish continues to outperform furniture polish due its usage on motorcycles. In 2012 sales of metal polish grew well. The rising disposable income trend is leading to higher purchases of motorcycles, especially as the standard of public transport is considered well below par and the price of cars remains outside the reach of the majority of Indonesian consumers. Metal polish also benefits from the trend for purchasing more expensive motorcycles due to rising levels of affluence. Thus, these consumers are more concerned about maintaining their motorcycles in top condition.

Polishes is expected to record a stronger sales performance over the forecast period due to rising levels of disposable income. Metal polish is expected to benefit from higher consumer purchasing power and the growth in motorcycle ownership in the country. Shoe polish, which is mainly used by the male workforce, is predicted to benefit from the expected decline in the unemployment rate over the forecast period.

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