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Inspirational author Jaylen Grace launches her latest children's book 'Porridge the two Faced Parrot'

Press Release   •   Dec 04, 2013 18:36 GMT

London: November 2013

Alfie’s day takes a nosedive when Porridge turns up and lands him with a zillion problems.

Zillion and one,’ Porridge squawks.

Inspirational author Jaylen Grace has launched her latest work of fiction for children, the hilariously funny

Porridge The Two Faced Parrot

Aimed at 6 to 9 year olds, the book follows protagonist Alfie as he gets into various scrapes, mishaps and adventures thanks to his Nan's mischievous parrot, Porridge.

Nominated in 2012 for a Greenhouse Funny Writer award, Grace is no stranger to writing humerus, colourful yet also inspirational books for children, having published Omzak last year. Jaylen's fans will be not be disappointed by her latest children's book which is set to take children's fiction by storm and has the potential to go far. Added to this, Porridge went straight to number 10 in children's fiction during it's preview weekend on Amazon.


When Alfie’s Mum bribes him to help his Nan get tea ready for a visitor, it’s bad enough that this visitor is his headmistress Mrs. McDoodle. What makes it worse is that Alfie’s Nan has talked Mrs. McDoodle into having a kids’ talent show, which Alfie wants no part of. Unfortunately, his Nan has forgotten to wear her hearing aid and has no idea that Porridge, the parrot she rescued, has a wicked streak and is a master imitator. He entertains himself by talking in Alfie’s Nan’s voice.

When Porridge tells Mrs. McDoodle she’s “got a bum like an elephant” and carries on insulting her in Alfie’s nan’s voice, Mrs McDoodle becomes irate. In the muddle that follows, Alfie finds himself promising to break dance at the talent show… What a nightmare! Alfie CAN’T even dance!

Alfie’s Nan gets so fed up with Porridge’s misbehaving, that she gives him to Alfie. From that day on, his life becomes a roller-coaster of comic horrors – comic for us readers, but increasing horror for poor Alfie!

What follows is a roller coaster ride in the lead-up to the big day of the talent show, which sees Alfie get into fights, get a tummy bug and generally get into trouble with his teachers and parents alike. Readers will be transported into a different world as they follow the suffering hero through various mishaps. All the time asking the key questions:

IF Alfie finds the COURAGE, will he be well enough to perform?

IF he goes on stage, will he FREEZE again?

SHOULD he risk taking Porridge to perform a double act?

AND… not least, will his black eye still be the colour of puke?

Ex PA to the Rolling Stones, author Jaylen Grace is well known as an acclaimed international life coach and workshop teacher based in London. She has written several inspirational books for adults, and decided to turn her hand to children's fiction having also worked internationally as a children's life coach.

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Jaylen Grace is a one of the Uks more talented, creative female entrepreneurs. She is a freelance writer, author of childrens’ and adult self-help books, and an international life coach.