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Inspire 212 implement new strategy to eliminate procrastination and double productivity

Press Release   •   Jan 04, 2018 16:58 GMT

Inspire 212 recently released a statement on why it is essential for young people to build their professional futures now, to generate greater long-term success.

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Inspire 212 offers a range of flexible direct sales and marketing solutions that can be personalised to fit their client’s needs.  They promise an ROI guarantee on their services, utilising strategically developed strategies that consider the target demographic. They focus on face to face marketing, to provide a devoted customer base who have grown to appreciate the brand via personal interaction. One of the fundamental values of the firm is to provide both personal and professional development opportunities to their staff and contractors. The firm is committed to offering advice and guidance to up and coming businessmen and women to shape a stable future in sales and marketing.

In a recent statement, Inspire 212 outlined that to find greater success professionally; people need to focus their efforts and boost their learning today to create strong foundations for the future. They were pleased to come across a modern study which confirmed their passion for immediate action. Fatih Guvenen, Greg Kaplan, Jae Song and Justin Weidner published a survey on 21st April 2017 which considered lifetime incomes over the decades. The researchers concluded that those who aimed high and strived for development within the first ten years of their working life reported higher lifetime earnings. This study supports the companies vision of striving high early and working hard is fundamental to achieving a desirable lifestyle.

Inspire 212 shares their top three tips for laying firm foundations for successful professional development:

1. Have a vision in mind. Follow a personal inner passion, determine how this intensity can be turned into a career. Once that has been set select projects that match or allow progress towards securing a career in that area.

2. Establish networking goals. Be passionate about learning new things and meeting new people. Take time to consider alternative ways and opinions to become the best version of yourself. The firm believes everyone should set goals on how many new connections to build in a week.

3. Establish a work-life balance. This is the key to fulfilment, ensure neither side of the scale is overstretched, figure out a schedule that allows pleasurable activities to fit around work commitments.

Inspire 212 are committed to a record-breaking 2018, with growth strategies in place the firm will be looking to extend their market reach for new and existing clients. Developing fresh talent is also at the core of the firm’s values, ensuring equal opportunities has allowed the firm to boast a diverse culture and are confident this has been pivotal to their success so far. 


Managing Director: 

Jenna Hadden