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Inspire 212 investigate the Do’s and Don’ts of Mentorship

Press release   •   Mar 29, 2018 14:32 BST

As supporters of entrepreneurship, Inspire 212 believe that effective coaching and mentoring is vital to success in business.Here, the London based, event marketing and sales specialists have investigated the 'do’s and don'ts of mentorship.

Inspire 212: About the firm.

Feeling a responsibility to supporting entrepreneurship in London, Inspire 212 are committed to their contractors and up and coming talent in the area.With their business development program achieving success in 2017 they are well on their way to maintaining their coaching and mentoring success in 2018.

Increasingly successful businessmen and women are attributing their success to their mentors, tapping into a free resource that offers, innovation, advice, and accountability to those just starting out in the industry.Inspire 212 aspires to develop a local economy that provides competition, variety, and innovation; they are confident that mentors can enhance the overall state of local economies.

Inspire 212 reveal how they maximise their influence as a mentor and offer advice to professionals looking for a mentor:

Be more coachable:

Source a relevant expert, it is essential to have in mind what goals need to be achieved. LinkedIn can often be a good first place to look and connect with like-minded professionals.

Once a suitable mentor is found it is vital to zone into student mode and embrace learning opportunities.By absorbing information like a sponge, it offers a chance to reflect post lesson, address what positive actions can be made following new ideas or concepts learned.

Source several mentors, take time to figure out their journey and try to identify learning opportunities for each.

Become an influencer:

Deciding to mentor future entrepreneurs is a huge commitment, one which will take time and resource. Be sure to thoroughly assess if offering up time will be a realistic option. Mentoring others can be a one-way street, and there should be no expectation of services in return. Paying it forward in business should offer enough reward. The nurturing of entry-level talent will enhance small business success and boost local economies.

By carefully selecting individuals to mentor, it is possible to choose those with similar values and maintain the integrity of professional connections. Make learning fun to boost engagement, sharing tips and experiences which offer vital business lessons. Be sure to always follow up on how they implemented or strategized from their newfound skills.

Inspire 212 will continue to develop local entrepreneurs, their fun workshops are designed to upskill and allow individuals to grow in a supportive and challenging environment.



Jenna Hadden: Managing Director

Inspire 212 is an outsourced sales and event marketing firm providing clients with a first class service for increasing their client's customer base. Our concept will integrate our clients’ brand awareness into the consumer shopping environment which results in a receptive and positive response from customers. Our creative and innovative ideas generate event marketing solutions that achieve results and are extremely cost-effective with a guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI).