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Inspire 212 Urge Entrepreneurs to Change their Thinking to Change Results

Press release   •   Mar 27, 2018 14:10 BST

As a firm that places emphasis on measured thinking in dictating results, London-based direct sales and marketing specialists Inspire 212 are urging entrepreneurs to alter their thinking habits to change their results.

Inspire 212: About the firm

The way in which an individual may think - i.e. their entire thought process - has a significant impact on the results they produce, believes Jenna Hadden Managing Director of Inspire 212. Within the sales and marketing industry, a positive mindset and way of thinking are essential for a long and successful career. Inspire 212 are urging individuals within the industry, that if they want to change their results, then they need to change their current way of thinking.

The first step to change thinking is to ignore the specifics and go for the ‘essence’, suggests Inspire 212.An entrepreneur does not always need to take other people’s advice, but it is important that they at least take ‘the spirit’ of said advice. It is essential to listen to and take on board the spirit of an idea as a way to change thinking and cultivate better results. The next step to improve thought is to be more empathic and connect with people. Empathy is important because it helps to recognise and connect with other people’s viewpoints. Inspire 212 urge their entrepreneurs to embrace setbacks because with failure comes learning, and a new strategy of moving forward.

Another way to change thinking is to view things from a fresh perspective because sometimes experts are too far deep into something to be able to recognise immediate areas of improvement. Inspire 212 urge individuals never to feel intimidated by someone who may look like an expert, because sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to move forward.

“How a person chooses to think and deal with everyday situations will impact on the results they produce,” states Jenna Hadden MD of Inspire 212. “If a person is seeing the same results but wants to get better, then they need to look at how they are thinking about, and reacting to, situations. Different results won’t ever come from the same actions or way of thinking,” added the MD.



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