Oriel Systems

Intelligent Video Outstation installed at major UK LPG supplier

Press release   •   May 03, 2012 17:25 BST

Oriel's Video Intelligent Telemetry Outstation or VITO is able to collect and transmit video images at various resolutions in real time to provide 24/7 monitoring of remote sites.  The video stream is stored locally on the video outstation to allow later review and analysis by the organization or by Health & Safety staff.

The system has recently been installed at a major UK LPG supplier allowing them to closely monitor all safety operations at all their tanker loading and unloading sites around the country and transmits television quality video in real time which are directed through to the UK Control centre and any breaches of safety can be immediately spotted and the relevant site notified.

This has resulted in a reduction in on-site staff being employed but an increased amount of supervision taking place.  The system has also proved to be a viable and cost effective way to protect the organizations remote sites from vandalism and theft.

  • Real time video feed from remote sites
  • Additional security as site monitored 24/7
  • Video feed stored locally onto hard drive
  • Video can be downloaded for later review and analysis