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International security consultant Michael Chandler launches brand new book and online training course

Press release   •   Feb 22, 2019 13:25 GMT

International security consultant Michael Chandler launches brand new book and online training course

International security consultant and author, Michael Chandler will bring his Technical Surveillance Countermeasures training programme to a wider audience this week as he launches a brand new book and online training programme based on his globally-renowned teachings.

With his counter-surveillance and close protection courses recognised in the most English speaking countries, Chandler is a familiar name in the security industry. The course and book offer a comprehensive introduction to bug sweeping in addition to a wealth of technical and practical instruction.

“Having taught this course all over the UK and the US, I’m delighted to be making it available to all in the form of a new online training program, backed up by the launch of my new book,” says Chandler.

“Not all Bodyguards have bug sweeping expertise but, it’s clear that in today’s landscape, it’s an exceptionally useful tool to have. Most attacks are planned and therefore, a principal is very likely to be monitored in one way or another which is why electronic monitoring or technical surveillance, should be something that a modern day bodyguard is able to detect.”

The new online bug sweeping course makes this vital skill more readily accessible to anyone working in the security industry, regardless of location. The course syllabus covers everything from the history of eavesdropping to vehicle tracking devices, hidden camera detection, legislation, mobile phone monitoring, thermal imagery and standard operating procedures along with practical lessons on bug sweeping.

Both the online course and accompanying book launch this Friday, 22 February. Those registering for an online course will receive a complimentary copy of the book but it’s also available to purchase from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kindle, Google Books and other book retailers around the world, priced circa £19.99.

The original in-person training sessions are also open for registration, with a series of seminars set to take place in London, Manchester, Accra, Sydney and New York later this year.

To find out more, to register for a course or to order the book, visit

Born and raised in London, Michael served in the Royal Military Police (TA), the regiment that fulfil close protection roles within the British Army. He then went on to work for investigation firms along with security companies simultaneously as a freelancer. A a result, he spent many years working in large security teams on high profile events such as film premieres and award ceremonies. During this time he was also conducting covert counter-surveillance operations in and around the London area as a trainee, later progressing to operations across the UK. This led to a promotion giving him the title ‘Head of International Surveillance Operations’ for a large private contractor.

Naturally progressing in his career, Michael went on to work with various recording artists and actors in a close protection capacity later progressing to consulting and advising other security companies on anti & counter-surveillance matters along with providing any investigative services they required in order to identify the origins of threats.

Because of his history of working on large scale investigations, Michael’s career evolved into one that saw him being engaged by high net worth families and individuals who had received some form of threat. This ultimately led to the release of the intelligence acquisition based Vanquish Close Protection Course which is made up of investigative based courses (made available to the public years before), combined with the bodyguard element, all of which, were written by Chandler.

In 2012 Michael agreed to leave behind his low profile and covert lifestyle in order to star in a documentary relating to intelligence acquisition. This was later affirmed by his decision to retire as a bodyguard before the age of 30, in order to concentrate on teaching the courses that he had written. The close protection course that he founded can be attended by successful application only and is therefore considered the world’s most exclusive bodyguard training programme in the private security sector. To date, people have travelled from the US, Ireland, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Korea and Russia to attend his courses.