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Internet Browsing And The Samsung Galaxy Note-A Closer Look

Press Release   •   Nov 20, 2011 11:30 GMT

Web browsing has been steadily improving on mobile phones and this month we have sen the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note, a model that may well prove to be the ultimate device for surfing the web.

There are two key elements that contribute towards the users satisfaction of their web browsing experience and these are screen size and display resolution. Luckily the Galaxy Note really does excel in both of these areas. The huge 5.3 inch screen with its excellent 800 x 1280 resolution makes this the best phone ever released for online performance. The phone uses the familiar Android browser but with one or two improvements to make full uses of the handsets superb screen. The user interface appears slightly different with the URL bar that is located at the top of the screen now being flanked by buttons that enable you skip forwards and backwards. In addition to these new buttons there are also options that allow you to bookmark your page and manage tabbed browsing. On previous models these keys appeared at the bottom of the screen but the extra space available on this model enables them to be incorporated into the top bar and thus leave more space for surfing the web. This space is enhanced even further as the bar at the top of the screen disappears once you start browsing and only appears again once you tap the menu key.

One of the impressive aspects about web browsing on the Samsung Galaxy Noteis how fast that pages render on screen. Whether you are scrolling or zooming the handset reacts incredibly fast to display exactly what you want to see. The phone uses an excellent text reflow system that adjusts paragraphs to fit the screen perfectly however this is rarely needed as the screen resolution is the same as most web pages meaning sites are fully displayed on screen without any adjustment. The web browser includes Flash support meaning you can watch material from a variety of sites such as YouTube. Even at 1080P resolution these files play effortlessly without and delay and minimal buffering. The browser also offers its own independent brightness controls meaning that you can keep the setting bright for optimum browsing whilst the rest of the phones other functions can be set to a lower level in order to preserve battery life.

The Samsung Galaxy note is a superb handset for a variety of reasons but its web browsing capabilities are probably the main reason why this excellent phone will become a hit with consumers everywhere.

The Samsung Galaxy Note and the HTC Desire S are available now.

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