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Invest in a Personal Brand, Advise Citipeak Events

Press Release   •   Apr 17, 2018 13:55 BST

The personalised marketing firm, Citipeak Events advise entrepreneurs to invest in creating a personal brand to help them gain more trust in their company.

Citipeak Events: About the firm

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” claims Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos. A personal brand is the coming together of a person’s professional experience, network and online presence that defines their reputation, both online and offline.Most people are remembered because of a stand-out aspect of their personality, but with a personal brand, an entrepreneur can consciously curate the persona they want to be recognised for.

Building trust in a brand is one of the most significant hurdles that every start-up faces.Once brand recognition has been established it becomes a key factor for success, but it takes a while for a new company to develop this with consumers. The personalised marketing firm, Citipeak Events states that having a strong personal reputation within an industry will garner confidence in a company and attract talent, investors and build brand loyalty.

As a leader and prominent figure in the outsourced sales and marketing industry, Nick Johnson is an expert in personal branding and has been able to position his personal brand and company, Citipeak Events, as industry leaders that clients and consumers trust.‘As a business owner, the reputation of your company rests on the shoulders of your personal brand, so it is important that your brand is developed and refined early to boost the credibility of your company’ said entrepreneur Nick Johnson. ‘Audiences will react positively to content about your personal life but be deliberate about what you share. Avoid sensitive subjects! The personal brand of an entrepreneur reflects who they are which why it is essential to show a well-rounded picture that confluences personal and professional successes’ added Johnson.

For entrepreneurs wanting to build a personal brand they need to start creating online content beyond what their company is doing, for example creating a social media page.Push content more towards motivations behind why the company was founded and avoid sales-speak. It is also important to interact online with other industry leaders to show a continued interest in market trends.

Establishing a personal brand is a crucial step to building trust in a company and as the face of a business, entrepreneurs have the responsibility to curate a compelling and authentic personal brand that backs the mission and vision they have established for their company.



Managing Director: Nick Johnson

Citipeak Events is an outsourced sales and marketing firm. We are specialists in developing, executing and managing creative sales and marketing campaigns for our client’s specific requirements. Our expertise cover both event marketing and business to business sales.