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iOS5 And What Changes iPhone 4 White Owners Can Look Forward To

Press release   •   Jun 17, 2011 21:40 BST

Every year Apples annual software update has users eagerly waiting to update their iPhone so it can take advantage of the very latest features and functionality. Recently at the Annual Developers Congress news of the new iOS5 were released and quickly the web was full of information on exactly what this latest incarnation would mean to the customer. There are some features of the latest update however that have not been well publicised and some of them look like they could be very useful to the customer. This will be of special interest to owner of the White iPhone 4 who will be able to update their phones to iOS5 upon its release.

Facetime is a feature that much fuss was made over when the iPhone 4 was first released back in 2010. This was Apples reinvention of video calling but where it differed from other systems is that it took advantage of a faster WiFi data connection to deliver unparalleled picture and audio. The current rumour is that the latest operating system update will now enable Facetime calls to be conducted over the 3G network meaning you make the calls whilst on the move rather than being limited to when you are connected to a WiFi network. The improved speeds that can now be delivered via 3G together with the technological advancements of Facetime mean that this method can be used and great quality can still be achieved. With many customers restricted to a monthly data allowance Facetime has the potential to eat into huge chunks of this so there will also be the option to disable the facility if you want.

An area that has often been overlooked is the use of your White iPhone 4as part of an in car entertainment system. Using the Bluetooth on the phone has often resulted in limited functionality but this is set to change along with iOS5. The handset can now transfer much more information via this method including album names, track names and the performing artist so this can all be displayed on the screen of your in car entertainment unit. Transfer of material is an area that plays a very big part in iOS5. There is the ability to transfer full high definition 1080P between any two iOS5 devices such as an iPhone and an iPad which has also fuelled speculation about the next generation of iPhone being able to display 1080P footage. Airplay mirroring is also said to be available on the system but only when used with an iPad 2. This enables users to play video content from the tablet device directly on a HD television via Apple TV.

These features are all in addition to the more well known ones which are currently being reported and it is safe to say they all contribute towards what is looking like a very comprehensive package. Owners of handsets such as the White iPhone 4 will be able to update to this software as soon as it is available.

The White iPhone 4 and the HTC Desire S are available now.

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