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iPhone 4 Sales Not That Good

Press Release   •   Jul 26, 2012 08:05 BST

As the news about the release of Apple’s latest handset the iPhone 5 nears, there is also a significant change in the sales of iPhone 4 and 4s. This is backed up by Apple’s very own Tim Cook and CFO Oppenheimer.

Cook recently released this statement: “We see a difference between the countries. The UK was relatively solid at 30% growth, but France, and Greece and Italy were particularly poor, and Germany was also similarly a single-digit positive growth for the quarter. Eastern Europe was strong, materially stronger than Western Europe, but obviously the Western European countries drive the preponderance of the revenue in that segment. So, we’re certainly seeing a slowdown.”

The case is different when it comes to their US and Japan Sales. This is because they were up by 50% and in Japan it was up by 45% as opposed to the same time last year.

It is really not that hard to see the reason behind the said Sales drop. With the nearing arrival of the iPhone 5 and the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy S3, this is just a phase that they too will reverse come next Quarter. 

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