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iPhone 4S vs. Android Sales

Press Release   •   Jul 06, 2012 13:59 BST

It is not new to all of us when we say that the Android powered handsets are still topping the list for US mobile phone market. However, over the last three months Apple’s iPhones are following the foot steps of Android Sales. This is because a lot of people are buying their new phones and they prefer iPhones.

According to the latest Nielsen report, 45% of new smartphone users chose Apple over Android smartphones. This is up to 25% back in October. Why the month of October? Well, this is also the release date of the iPhone 4S.  The Holiday sales perked up the iPhone 4S sales. The report also states that new Apple users preferred to go with the iPhone 4S and not the 3GS or 4th generation iPhone.

The smartphone sales in the US alone are about 47% worth of Androidunits and 30% worth of Apple units, this is with only half of the mobile phone users who are buying smartphones. In short, at one point, of all the people who are using mobile phones in the US alone half of them are buying feature phones. There is no Apple or Android it is all about talking and texting only. But everything changed in the last quarter of 2011 as people went with smartphones. Maybe it is that time for them to upgrade and enjoy the benefits of owning an Android smartphone or an Apple smartphone. In this day and age, calling and texting are basic uses of a mobile phone. But we all love the internet and taking pictures or making short film clips using our smartphones.

Whether you go for an iPhone 4S or the Samsung Galaxy S3, it is all about choosing what suits you the most. Now, it is all up to you if you want to be an Apple iOS user or Android OS user.

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