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Is A/D-converter research in Europe about to die?

Press Release   •   Nov 08, 2010 22:03 GMT

A global analysis of A/D-converter research activities reveals that the number of scientific publications from European companies and universities has dropped by almost half since its peak in 2004, while both Asia and North America shows a steadily increasing trend. Asia now holds the second place after North America. In addition to that, Asia displays a more rapid increase than North America.

The analysis has focused on research where the ideas were actually implemented on a chip, its performance was measured, and the results were reported in a scientific paper. Results based purely on theoretical analysis and computer simulations were excluded from the survey.

"I know a lot of people all over Sweden and Europe that are actively involved in A/D-converter research or development, so these results are surprising" says Dr. Bengt Jonsson, founder of ADMS Design AB. "My view is still that there is a lot of interesting research going on in Europe, but it is obvious that something has happened. Perhaps there's a stronger focus on theory and computer simulation."

The survey and analysis was made by ADMS Design AB.

The results are presented and discussed on the tech blog Converter Passion:

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