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IS THERE A MAP TREND ON THE HORIZON? With over 300 maps available from Easyart.com, it's certainly in plain view!

Press Release   •   Nov 03, 2010 15:26 GMT

The graphic style of a map can add a sense of grandeur to any room and are splendid solutions for empty walls that need to make a statement.  There are over 300 different maps at Easyart.com giving customers an opportunity to appreciate the art of cartography.

Marvel at the beauty of the maps on offer, whether they be ancient depictions of the earth or accurate modern images.  

These art prints can be selected as unframed, framed or on canvas with different size options.  Prices start from £5.95 for an unframed print.  Visit www.easyart.com/press to see the range of available high res jpegs/product loans.  Also, download the www.easyart.com/iphone App and play to see what the maps could look like on your walls! 

Easyart.com is the UK's leading online art print and framing store.  Founded in 1999 by lovers of traditional and contemporary artwork with a long history in the London art trade, Easyart.com was founded as an online outlet to make art affordable and accessible to a wider audience.