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Is travel Insurance worth the time, trouble and cost?

Press Release   •   Oct 20, 2010 13:21 BST

Is travel Insurance worth the time, trouble and cost? 

 Well, we would say yes wouldn’t we, after all we here to offer travel insurance.

 ...........but the truth is, unless you are in robust financial health or you can’t resist a gamble then please don’t travel without it.  In fact buy it before you travel.  Buy it from the moment you have enough money at risk to hurt you if you should need to cancel and lose your deposit or worse still your final balance of payment.  Most of all buy it to protect you and the family in resort.

 Even if you’re fit and well, let alone living with a pre-existing medical condition, an accident or misfortune can befall anybody.  It is the cost associated with any medical treatment required in resort that could financially “burn your fingers” very badly indeed.  The hospitals don’t help with the escalating costs of the care they provide and just lately the weakness of sterling against the $ and Euro simply serves to compound things for the worst. The bills you could run up for treatment, a stay in hospital whilst tests are carried out, the inherent cost of such tests and the possible need for repatriation seems to me to represent too heavy a risk to run.  Often medical care in resort can continue after the date you are scheduled to return home.  This would present a series of dilemmas.  Do the family stay, domiciled in a hotel near the hospital at your own cost; how you replace the airline seats you have given up, if the family goes home without you it will be a difficult experience to remain in resort alone.

 You couldn’t expect to be bailed out by governmental agency.  The Foreign and Commonwealth Office may offer practical assistance if you get into trouble but contrary to popular belief, consulates can’t pay bills or give you money.  The well meaning EHIC – European Health Insurance Card (formally known as the E111) is flawed and particularly inadequate when a fast response is required, as it usually is, in the case of emergency.

 It is a scary to contemplate finding the money to fund some of the associated costs.  Even in Europe treatment costs can run into thousands of pounds and an air ambulance repatriation could easily cost £20,000 to £30,000.

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Freedom Travel Insurance. We specialise in offering travel insurance for people that have pre-existing medical conditions we can include heart and cancer related conditions.