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Jadu is awarded the ISO 27001 Information Security Management Award

Press Release   •   Nov 18, 2010 19:39 GMT


Jadu, a global supplier of Web Content management software, has been awarded the ISO27001 Information Security certification following an independent assessment by QMS (Quality Management Systems International Plc), specialists in assessment and certification.  Less than 1% of all UK businesses achieve this prestigious award which has international recognition as the standard for evaluating information management security.

 The ISO 27001 certification was established to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, security  and availability of key corporate and customer information whether this is held in systems, electronically or in other formats such as print.  Jadu’s achievement of the standard provides independent verification of the thorough approach that has always been adopted by Jadu’s management to the internal controls of the business.  It also underlines the close management of information and data security that is in place.

 Suraj Kika, CEO of Jadu says

“Information Security is an essential requirement for all software companies working on the web - particularly in Government.  It is an integral component of the service that we deliver through our web transactional systems.”

 Mike Govier, Chief Operating Officer for Jadu says

“As market leader in the Government transactional web software space, our strategy is to align our processes to undertaking smarter business with Government. With rationalisation and convergence of government websites fast approaching, it is essential that Jadu continues to offer outstanding service to Government and all our customers in all sectors by putting security as well as accessibility at the centre of our business”.

 Peter Carvin, Assessor or QMS Quality Management Systems, who undertook the assessment paid tribute to

  “The investment in people and training that has enabled Jadu to provide an efficient and ‘Information Security aware’ service to their customers."

Jadu are prime suppliers of web content management and transactional systems for large Government, Non-Profit and Higher Education organisations, such as the City of Edinburgh Council, Manchester City Council, Leeds University and The Alzheimer’s Society.




 About Jadu   

Jadu is a leading global provider of web transactional systems, specialising in the design and development of enterprise wide websites, intranets and extranets.  Jadu powers hundreds of government and private sector organisations across the world and is a leading innovator in providing customers with the tools needed to simplify and empower the web publishing and management process.

Jadu's underpinning semantic-web strategy is "to make content accessible to humans and machines".   This is delivered by Jadu’s innovative web transactional solutions that enable customers to organise, manage and publish their information across the enterprise.   Jadu empowers organisations and users to generate a maximum return on their investment (ROI) in web technologies.

Jadu’s Content Management suite and services include integrated online forms, mash up page design, integrated Google search, personalisation, full statistical reporting, web standards compliance, accessibility compliance, product and catalogue management, along with a host of other web productivity tools and unparalleled support service.

Further information on Jadu can be found at: http://www.jadu.net