​Jagex don't bann goldfarmers because they do pay a lot of membership

Press Release   •   Nov 22, 2016 10:17 GMT

Without old school runescape goldfarmers the game would have died 2 years ago.

Ive been botting 07 for 34 days now and have 107m im gonna sell it for rougly 2.40 per mil. So im making over $200 a month with 5 accounts.

When they say bot nuke all they mean is change the current RS client so the current bots will be broke. Botting sites have been through this before and can have the bots with updated code to work on the new client in 6 hours. Just interprets them for a little bit not permanently, jagex knows this.

And thats why there should be miniupdates every 12 hours. like adding one rock to place A and then at next update removing that same rock. next update: change it examine text. next update: new look for that rock next update: same thing to 8001 places at rs that would be inaccessed anyway. and then it would make it randomize it. soon: autoupdating client that would break bots for 6h or more because the owner has to update their botclient and restart the botting. real players: lose about 5-10 minutes. botters: instead of hours and hours of loot they get only 6h of loot and then they stop. this would remove most of the bot clients since they have to update their clients constantly. oh you guys fixed this update? in 5 mins there is new one. of you guys fixed that one too? theres coming one in 3h. and this would be constantly looped. 8001 diffrent useless things updated every 12h. real players would get rest to their hands and stuffs while botclient makers would have to update their clients 24/7 making them wanting less and less and less to update their clients.