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JB Creative Marketing offers full spectrum of modern marketing solutions

Press Release   •   Sep 01, 2010 08:30 BST

Kent, England (mynewsdesk), September 1 2010 – No-one, obviously, can run an Internet business without a web site: it makes sense, then, that a company dedicated to maximising Internet potential would put its most impressive eggs in the web site improvement basket.

The online marketing solutions from this company for small and medium sized businesses, has surpassed its own expectations by perfecting its new web development Kent service well ahead of schedule. The over achievement of this delivery will come as no surprise to the company’s existing customers, all of whom have nothing but glowing reports of the service they’ve received: and JB Creative Marketing itself is reported to be “delighted” with the smooth transition to their updated web management procedures.

Take a quick look at the techniques, systems and packages offered by JB Creative Marketing’s newest incarnation of its web service gives plenty of evidence that their confidence is not misplaced. The service (which is tailored, in every instance, to meet the creative marketing needs of the individual client – a welcome change from the current practice of treating every customer as though they had the same business) starts with a thorough review of current web site performance. Once JB Creative Marketing’s web development Kent team has taken a good look at the way a site currently relates to search engines, other sites that could be promoting complementary goods and services, and existing ad campaigns, it offers what it believes are the right solutions – however big or small.

JB Creative Marketing is not prepared or attempting to squeeze money out of clients where that money isn’t necessary. If a company’s site only needs minor, inexpensive tweaks to make it work better, then minor inexpensive tweaks is what it will get. If, on the other hand, it requires a full overhaul and relaunch, the web development Kent team will advise accordingly: advice that, according to a spokes person for the site, is always taken up, “precisely because our clients know we only tell them to do that if it’s really necessary.”

The simple steps JB Creative Marketing propose in their web development Kent package work equally well for every eventuality. By sticking to a carefully thought out six step programme, the company is able to offer the same efficiency and success to every client – and, most importantly of all, to show those clients exactly how they intend to achieve that success. In effect, it’s a “try before you buy” promise that allows customers to see proof that the suggestions JB Creative Marketing makes will have good results. No wonder they’re pleased.

JB Creative Marketing’s reputation, then, is one built on trust. That trust comes from twin sources: one, its clients’ recognition that it will only ask for big bucks where big bucks need to be spent; and two, its’ obvious prior success. Clearly, this is a company that knows what it is doing – and its’ clients respond to it in an appropriately trusting fashion.

JB Creative Marketing is a Kent based total marketing solutions company.

About JB Creative Marketing

JB Creative Marketing delivers marketing solutions for companies needing to utilize its online potential. Catering for all sizes of business, JB Creative Marketing also provides services that include taking organizations from their current business model and implementing that online to advisory roles on campaign’s and streamlining of marketing budgets.

JB Creative Marketing is geographically placed to help service the businesses in and around London, with all clients currently UK based.

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