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Jewellery Man’s a Real Gem

Press release   •   Feb 14, 2014 14:06 GMT

At a glance:

·  Family businessman Steve Bennett leads team in Charity bid

·  Challenged to cycle 6,800 miles on static bike, non-stop throughout January

·  284 staff members participated

·  Cycled 17,579 miles, 24/7 on static exercise bike

·  Raised £85,522.99 for Colourful Life Foundation

·  Money will build and maintain four schools in Arusha, Tanzania

·  Broke Guinness World Record for ‘most money raised by static cycling in one month'

Steve Bennett, founder of Britain’s fastest growing company The Genuine Gemstone Company and the man behind one of the nation’s favourite shopping channels, Gems TV has led his TV studio staff in an amazing charity effort to raise over £85,000 for The Colourful Life Foundation during one of the toughest months of the year.

Proving that he really does have a heart of gold, Steve decided to beat the January blues by motivating his team to cycle 24/7 throughout the month of January to cover the virtual distance from their TV studios to Arusha, in Tanzania- a total of 6,800 miles. However once they started the challenge, the team found they just couldn’t stop! After meeting their target early in the month, they decided to carry on cycling for the remainder of January and raise as much money as possible, even setting a Guinness World Record for 'most money raised by static cycling in one month'.
Steve chose the destination because it’s a place he’s closely associated with in his role as professional gem hunter. All of the Tanzanite stones used in his jewellery comes directly from the area and as someone who gets to travel frequently he’s always keen to support the gemstone communities he encounters. In fact, Steve chose The Colourful Life Foundation specifically because of the work they’re doing in the area- the money raised will be used to build and maintain four schools for the children in the area.

Speaking about the challenge, Steve said: “After spending a wonderful Christmas with my family, indulging in the food, gifts and general excess of the season, I felt motivated to do something for others. And what better way than by getting my team involved, burning off the turkey and beating the January blues to give back? When we started, I thought 6,800 miles would be a tall order so 17,579 was incredible- it’s amazing what a bit of team spirit and a good cause can do to motivate people!”
And following the success of this charitable initiative, Steve is now turning his attention to training for an expedition to the North Pole. He’ll be journeying there in May, again to raise money for The Colourful Life Foundation.

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