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Jomble offers single price business broadband tariff to all customers

Press Release   •   Sep 21, 2010 11:18 BST

Kent, UK (mynewsdesk), September 21 2010 - So it developed the Jomble monthly contract, which delivers all currently existing Jomble services for a single monthly payment – and requires no more than 30 days’ notice to finish. No 18 month or two year monster business broadband contracts here: and no confusing price plans, either, which tend to hide unnecessary costs in amongst things that sound useful but really aren’t.

Local heroes Jomble have to be seen to be believed. Their broadband for business Kent tariff, recently unveiled, has revolutionised all models of what Internet connectivity packages ought to be: outstripping even major multinational competition without a second glance. While the fat cats are spitting, Jomble is rolling around in as many local connection orders as it wishes to fulfil – and all thanks to one of those “wouldn’t it be great if....?” moments that was allowed to come to fruition.

Jomble also thought it would be great, if business broadband Kent was really as fast as broadband is supposed to be? So they made their broadband for business Kent service similar to an exclusive club, only letting business customers onto their network and restricting the number of users in each area to 20 – a full 50% less than most major competitors. Furthermore, Jomble made its business broadband genuinely for business only – there are no domestic reroutes onto Jomble cable, not even during the busiest times of the day for the rest of the Internet. Using Jomble’s business broadband Kent is like having genuine exclusivity at bargain basement prices.

Jomble also thought it would be nice if we could give our customers a whopping 60GB monthly usage allowance; up to 24 MBps download and 1.3 MBps upload; 50 email accounts; a backup dial in service; a free .uk domain name; and a fixed UK IP address? So they did. And the rest, as they say, is history. Broadband for business Kent has never seen anything even remotely like it. Nor has anywhere else. It’s one of those refreshing cases where a company actually comes along and does all the things we’ve all been saying should be done – like having a politician come on the news and tell the truth.

With business broadband Kent suddenly leading the way for the whole of the UK, the little company that thought it could is justifiably proud of itself. It won’t be resting on its cybernetic laurels, though – according to a spokes person for the company, Jomble intends to “launch more interesting business broadband products in the future.” Users can only wait with joyful anticipation. Competitors? They can look on in shame or they can grit their teeth and do something about it. Either way, Jomble, the king and queen of business broadband providers Kent, doesn’t really care. Why should it? It’s sitting on top of that local world, and loving every minute of it. Well, hats off to Jomble for sticking to its guns.

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