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Jombles broadband package comes as standard – no extras to pay for

Press Release   •   Sep 06, 2010 08:30 BST

Kent, England (Mynewsdesk) 6 September - What that means is that every single facet of the Jomble broadband deal comes as standard, for £40 a month. If the company ever adds extra services to its package, those services come in, as standard, for everyone currently paying the fee. There are no confusing options, no daft pricing scales and no hidden surprises. Just guaranteed, dedicated business broadband, delivering a service all the big companies said was impossible. Unfortunately for them, it clearly isn’t.

The Jomble network has a maximum number of users per area that is more than twice as good as the standard national figure. That’s a 120% performance improvement in user load alone. So – while major business broadband Kent providers are going on about how they don’t have the bandwidth to support the needs of their customers, Jomble is offering a service that’s more than twice as good, for a single monthly contract fee of £40. Furthermore, Jomble’s model, the best business broadband Kent will ever see, includes all sorts of unbelievable benefits (UK support, huge usage allowances and super fast up and download speeds guaranteed) – all as standard.

With their new concept in the provision of broadband Jomble are making waves big enough to cause a bit of a national stir. Jumping on the back of recent alternative communications revolutions coming from the same area, Jomble have released a business broadband Kent package that knocks every sock and every spot off every other broadband provider in the country. In addition to being the best business broadband provider Kent has ever seen, the new kid on the block looks pretty likely to be held up as a national model for communications excellence.

Jomble’s intention to design the best business broadband Kent had ever seen has gone national, with the news that there’s now a company out there that is actually managing to provide all the services the major nationals claim are impossible. Whether or not Jomble’s business model is achievable on a grand scale is unclear, and almost beside the point: the point, for the moment, is that the business broadband Kent business has been smashed to pieces by a little company delivering guaranteed upload and download speeds, business only networks and monthly contracts that entitle customers to every benefit they currently offer. That’s the kind of thing major players are always telling their customers is impossible. “Can’t do it,” has been the response, for years, of the big boys to the plaintive cries their customers issue. “Not enough room.” Jomble, quietly putting their package together in Kent, have made the room, bought the room, and are now protecting that room fiercely – offering it only to business customers and according to strict limitations on the number of customers placed in any part of the network.

Jomble is a new business broadband provider, whose single price tariff allows all users access to incredible monthly usage limits and super fast speed

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Jomble provide communications and business broadband solutions to UK organisations, serving the needs of both business and public sector customers. Jomble aim to give customers the best level of support, the best products and the best service at the best prices.

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