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Jude need a hair transplant. Screen hunk shows advanced stages of male pattern baldness

Press Release   •   Jul 02, 2013 13:14 BST

Jude Law needs to 'do a Rooney' if he is to avoid going completely bald at the front of his scalp, according to Britain's leading hair loss expert.

The screen hunk was pictured last night (July 1) showing the advanced stages of male pattern baldness.

And unless he has a hair transplant he will be completely bald around his hairline in five years, says surgeon Asim Shahmalak from the TV show Embarrassing Bodies.

Law, who turned 40 last December, had just a small tuft of hair at the front of his scalp when he was pictured last night after starring in a one-off play in London's West End to raise money for autism.

Dr Shahmalak, from the Crown Clinic in Manchester, said the Sherlock Holmes star urgently need to take action.

He said: "Jude is already showing fairly advances stages of male pattern baldness.

"You can see he has lost nearly all his hair from above his temples and now just has a small tuft of hair at the front of his scalp.

"He will need a fairly large medical procedure to sort it out.

"If he has does not take action in the next few years, he will also lose this tuft and be completely bald at the front of his head.

"His problem could be easily remedied with a hair transplant.

"Hair would be taken from the back of his head and replanted around the temples to fill out his hairline.

"It is a similar procedure to those undergone by Wayne Rooney.

"If Jude leaves it any longer, the bald patch will be too large to fix.

"He should also start take the drug Propecia - this won't help to grow any new hair but will prevent him losing any more of his natural hair.

"The transplanted hair will be permanent and last him for life."

Dr Shahmalak - who has performed hair transplants on a string of celebrities - said Law needed to act to maintain his heart-throb status.

He said: "Jude is a fine actor but the reason why he is a household name is because he is so handsome.

"How many leading Hollywood men whose appeal is heavily linked to their good looks are bald. Not many.

"Jude is simply not going to get those leading roles without addressing issues with his hair.

"In short, he needs to 'do a Rooney'."

Law was pictured showing his baldness at Apollo Theatre in London.

He had a cameo role in a special production of A Curious Night at the Theatre - a specially written sequel to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

Law has been covering up his baldness for years.

He famously appeared on the Graham Norton Show wearing a beanie and he is often seen sporting a beard - possibly growing facial hair to compensate for his hair loss on top.

Other leading Hollywood stars have taken action to combat their baldness.

Kevin Spacey, 53,  was pictured wearing a hairpiece at the Australian Open in Melbourne in January after previously being pictured showing noticeable hair loss.

Dr Shahmalak performed two hair transplants on Embarrassing Bodies presenter Christian Jessen, who, like Law, suffered appreciable hair loss around his temples.

Jessen, 36, said the procedures - done four years apart at Crown Clinic and costing £5,500 each - changed his life.

Dr Jessen said: "I felt so much more confident afterwards."

Dr Shahmalak also carried out a hair transplant on presenter Martin Roberts, 49, star of BBC1's Homes Under The Hammer.

Roberts said he had the hair transplant because he hated seeing his bald crown on TV.

He said: "I'm so glad I had it done. The transplant changed my life. I thought I could have a new car or cure my baldness. It was an easy decision to make.”

Crown Clinic is Britain's leading hair transplant centre.

It has seen a 25% rise in bookings since Rooney's two procedures as more men seek transplants to combat baldness.

Around 10% of Dr Shahmalak's clients are women.

He performed the UK's first eyelash transplant on a woman who had suffered from trichotillomania - a psychological condition which causes sufferers to rip out their body hair including eyelashes.

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