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Juniper Innovations launch specialist warehouse software for complex inventory tracking

Press Release   •   Feb 08, 2011 07:27 GMT

Known as WPMS, the software is being launched in the UK after 10 years worth of successful and stable implementations in continental Europe.  With customers that include retail, food and manufacturing giants and global retailers such as Staples, the software comes with a proven pedigree and wide functionality. 

“The software has been designed to work perfectly in manufacturing, retail and third party logistics environments” comment “Juniper Innovations.  This means for example having varied batch control and auditing functionality, being able to accurately track and cost goods movements, boasting wide labour management tools, reports and graphics, including over 20 standard interfaces including to enterprise systems such as SAP and able to work with a wide variety of hardware.

Aimed at the manual warehouse market the specialist warehouse management system works with all the latest warehouse technology from voice control solutions to bar coding, RFID, enterprise digital assistants (EDAs) and larger control units such as carousels.  “With the range of features on offer the software is suitable for a wide variety of industries too from pharmaceutical to food retail and FMCG manufacturing” comment Juniper Innovations.  Plus the warehouse management system has a number of purchase options including Software as a Service (SaaS) catering for organisations needing to achieve higher return on investments.

“Using SaaS for example means that companies can have a mid size implementation in a matter of weeks and have a flexible choice of hardware to suit their operation” state Juniper Innovations.  Continuing they say “we can also supply hardware and network support as part of the package too and review return on investment models upfront.”

Juniper Innovations provide innovation, investment and support models to organisations for tracking and authentication products.  In addition Juniper Innovations also provide free tracking and authentication hints and tips on their blog site

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