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Juniper Innovations launches tamper proof bottle seals to protect authentic products from counterfeits.

Press Release   •   Feb 03, 2011 12:25 GMT

“The tamper proof bottle seal is a long rectangular label that is applied over the top of a bottle closure for security and verification of authenticity” comments Richard Knight from Juniper Innovations,  “ The bottle cannot be opened without breaking the label and the label verifies the authenticity of the bottle.”

Each seal contains a microparticle code, also known as a Stealthcode™ that is invisible to the naked eye and gives positive forensic proof that a product is genuine.  Seals also contain a bar code for serialisation and tracking with a scanner.

Stealthcodes™ and serial numbers are sent to each customer and recorded in a secure database.  Seals that are applied as closures to bottles can be matched with other product identification numbers and securely recorded.

Mr Knight states “Once in the market the presence of the seal, matching of the serial number, combined with Stealthcode readings using mobile or fixed devices authenticates the product.  Missing or tampered labels or the non-matching of codes considers the product as a counterfeit.”

Working with Stealthmark, Juniper Innovations provide investment and support models for organisations.  In addition Juniper Innovations also provide free tracking and authentication hints and tips on their blog site

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